Step-By-Step Guide to Bring Your Services Online
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Step-By-Step Guide to Bring Your Services Online

We’re residing in a digital era, where the future of businesses, each brick and mortar, and services are required to be online. What does this imply for the ones whose livelihood depends on the individual offerings that they offer?

There are millions of service providers who offer their skills locally worldwide, all of whom are looking for reinventing their business to the online world. Well, this is specifically true for independent service providers who depend on their individual connections.

Yes, you heard it right and if you are one of them – regardless of whether a Trainer, a coach, teacher, private tutor, wellness coach, fitness instructor, individual consultant, private dentist practitioner or any other type of independent service provider, then we have come up with a valuable and interesting checklist that can help you to find out the way forward to take your skills and share them with your new audience virtually.

Here are a few steps to find your new audience online

1.Create your brand identity       

You have already worked so hard to build your offline service and possibly have repeat clients, but building a brand identity is the first and foremost thing to get known and recognized and to be remembered by your target audience. You need to build a global standard logo that can be regarded and recognized. You can do this by determining the brand strategy which can be ideal for your brand taking the help of experts which can give your brand its own identity.

And once you have created a recognizable brand, make sure that it stays consistent throughout all your different advertising assets.

2.Building Your Website that drives

The first decision you need to make is to build a website for the purpose of selling your services online or could be a site to showcase who you are to establish credibility and also you need to determine what type of platform will be suitable to build it. There are different platforms available in order to fulfill your goal. We at Brightlybee can give you the right solution for you.

Stay in touch with us to decide what plan suits you. We are happy to serve you and check out with us for support services.

3. Creating content for the website

Once your website is up and running, the subsequent step is to create splendid website content that engages the audience and provides value to them. But without your engaging content and powerful designs, the website cannot take off in a real sense. Both these aspects let you to communicate the value proposition. If this is done well, the leads get converted to sales.

For Instance:

•Blog Post that provides information, tips, etc.

•Social media posts or videos that are inspirational and insightful.

•An FAQ page that can help customers with general questions about your services.

•Newsletter, email blasts.

In order to hook your audience to your service and brand, all you need is expert professionals that can elevate your business. Nail your content copy and design and you’ll be much more likely to see a spike in your conversion rates. Remember, good copywriting not only communicates your product benefits, but it also has the capacity to create a robust emotional connection with your customers. This will help you to stand out from your competition. Looking to make your website content ideal, click here.

4.SEO Strategies

Selecting the right keywords for your service-based site or e-commerce site will give an edge to determine how well it stands out in the search results. There comes the SEO part. The content must match the keyword you want to rank for. Content is an integral part when you are selling service and within the content, keywords are mentioned. This helps search engines to categorize your business under specific search results. The content has to be relevant and needs quality. To discuss the best SEO strategies, click here to build your overall brand positioning in that unique space.

You can improve your SEO rankings that can lead to customers booking more, one on one sessions.

5. Digitizing services

Now that shifting your services from offline to online might seem daunting right. Don’t worry, as it is much possible to transition your services to a set of a new virtual audiences. In that case, you need to set up an online shop and bring in more traffic to your website. Find out the technologies required to deliver services. Ask yourself, how you can offer your services, like will you be doing a webinar, video chat, video recording, and streaming or what?

There are many options these days viz: zoom, skype, etc.

6. Online service promotion

Now that you have transitioned into an online business, make sure to promote it in the right format. If you have put in effort in creating a unique brand and have invested in building with quality content, your target audience will enjoy it. Then you can think of expanding in horizons and audience level.

You can hire an online marketing strategist to build a long term marketing strategy. You also require to build a social media presence through social media marketing.

That’s where content marketing plays a massive role in build your brand in line with generating momentum and getting yourself heard. Create content marketing strategies that will work well for your audience.

Hence by transitioning your physical business to an online business, you’re already halfway there. The hard part is over. Having a customer base already is a boon, and you know what it takes to get a business running smoothly. To really get an edge on your competition, you can focus on the same things you did with your physical business, and don’t be afraid to learn new techniques if you want to see your business skyrocket.

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