Social Media has had the massive impact throughout the world. The major advantage is that it helps any business or service providers directly interact with the customers.

Why you should learn

By learning up this practical oriented social media marketing training course the skills can be enhanced to a greater extent in terms of respective areas. This course will give you the insights of social media. Another added benefit is that it is the next great platform for word of mouth. Many jobs both in India and overseas have been created to meet up the requirement needs of the business houses.

Who should attend this?

∙ Entrepreneurs
∙ Bloggers
∙ Influencers
∙ Celebrities and public figures
∙ Digital marketing executives
∙ Sales Managers
∙ Beginners
∙ Content writers
∙ Management students.

By the end of this course, you will be able to :

∙ Use the tools to develop businesses.
∙ Make strong foundation in social media marketing.
∙ Crafting the perfect piece of content strategy for social media networks.
∙ Learn on how to measure the effectiveness of social media activities.
∙ Learning different tools
∙ Social media campaigns

Anyone interested in SMM?

Course Certification:

At the end of the course there will be online assessment and project assignments once you complete  them you will be awarded with Brightlybee course completion certificate. Become in demand with  Brightlybee certifications.
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